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Adaminaby Demographics

Well data can be boring, but it often forms the basis of significant decision making that impacts our community, so it's useful to have at least a basic handle on data sets, where they are being drawn from, and what interpretations/predictions are being made from them. So...


Have a look at the 2021 ABS Quick Stats for Adaminaby. You'll see that the number of people in the town (not the district) was 257, median age 52,  and there were 52 families. Just under 22% of people were under 25 yrs old, and there is the same percentage for people aged 65 yrs and older. 

You can also then compare Adaminaby demographics with other small towns in the area. Have a look at Khancoban for example - we are very similar. In 2017 they opened their $685,000 renovated swimming pool, and are just about to complete the stage two upgrades

On the right of the ABS Quick Stats page you can ask it to show similar information for the 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 census.  Here's some of the data taken from the Quick Stats pages for those years for Adaminaby:






Below is  a bar graph created from data on the Quick Stats pages of total population and the percentage of those under 25 (in green), and those over 65 (in blue). From that perspective, the population statistics look like they are pretty stable.    

Numbers like these only provide one type of data, so that's why we think getting some additional information through the ACAG quick surveys and other feedback initiatives might provide more information about how the community feels and its aspirations for the future. 


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