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Newsletter March 2024

Adaminaby Pool in Hot Water

Due to your feedback on our first online survey about the pool, we knew that you wanted heating in the pool as a priority. Campaigning by ACAG and Adaminaby residents

produced a pledge of $50,000 from Steve Whan (NSW Member for Monaro) for heating and

renovations. Due to this pledge and because SMRC listened to what we all had to say,

significant upgrades were made to the pool over Winter and Spring 2023. These included:

  1. Installation of solar heating

  2. Leaks in the toddler pool and associated pipe work fixed

  3. Heat pump for toddler pool installed (but not yet connected to electricity supply due to need for electricity upgrade, which is a priority for winter 2024)

  4. Two new filters and associated pipework installed

  5. Two new pumps installed

The pool was enjoyed by Adaminaby residents and visitors throughout the season. The partial

attendance data kindly provided by Council shows that more people visited the pool this year

than in the previous season. We will make the full set of attendance data available on the website when we receive it.

The new heating was able to regularly heat the main pool to temperatures of at least 27 degrees Celsius. We are hoping to receive detailed temperature data for the season from SMRC and will make it available here on the website when we do.

We know that the solar heating was very successful in raising the pool temperature, but we also know that it is critical that the pool has new pool covers in order to maintain the water temperature as much as possible over our cool nights. The current (and old) pool covers do not provide much thermal insulation at all.

We understand that new pool covers, the connection of the heat pump for the toddler pool, and a new concourse is in the SMRC 2024 budget proposal that will be considered by Council and we should be able to report on the outcome in the next newsletter.

Call for Local Lifeguards!

This season, the swimming pool opened on 15 December 2023 and shut on 10 March 2024,

with some closures in Feb and March due to staff shortages. All of the current lifeguards

travel long distances to Adaminaby and SMRC are keen to employ local lifeguards. We are keen to have local lifeguards employed to fill the staffing gaps.

If there is enough interest, we will organise a Lifeguard Qualification course at Jindabyne

Pool over winter 2024. This course consists of an online module and then two days practical

(including in the pool) which includes a first aid course. There is no longer a 200m swim

component or necessity to already have your Bronze Medallion. If you would like to take the

lifeguard course or are interested in more information please contact ACAG. The cost for the

course is $360 with an annual refresher that costs $180. We are actively looking for funding

to subsidise this cost for residents of Adaminaby and the surrounding area.

More Pool Improvements - Send us your Feedback

As we continue to advocate for excellent and inclusive community infrastructure and

recreational areas in Adaminaby, we would love to hear from you with ideas to improve the

pool precinct and overall pool experience. Some suggestions are below – please let us know

if you agree by clicking the boxes (or not!). If you have any other great ideas, please email us with your suggestions.

Here are some of the things we have heard people say will improve the pool experience –

what do you think?

Suggested Improvements

  • 0%BBQ Area

  • 0%Outdoor pavilions - seating with shade

  • 0%Picnic tables

  • 0%Hooks in changing rooms

You can vote for more than one answer.


Redevelopment of Seymour Park was placed in the ‘medium term’ category in the Council’s

recreational plan. In the feedback from our previous newsletter we asked for your thoughts about Seymour Park. We received seven responses and here are the results:


Suggested Improvement


BBQ area


Space for all generations - for all the community


Place to sit with a nice garden


Outdoor gathering space with shade


Toddlers playground


Climbing net


Bike track (like Nijong Park in Cooma)


Fitness stations


Amenity block


Recognition of Seymour Park past


Tennis courts


Wide slide


Skate park


Nature playground


Recreation and meeting spaces


Cricket nets


Indigenous design


Big swing


Environmentally friendly Building materials


Landscaping scented garden


Zip line/flying fox


Memorial to Old Adaminaby




Bouldering wall


Pump track


Green space







You also suggested:

  • Community garden

  • Outdoor performance space used for concerts, community celebrations, Christmas carols, award ceremonies etc

  • Children’s playground

  • Dog park

  • Bike down hill

Thank you for this feedback (you can send more at any time to us via our email address).

Advocating for Seymour Park redevelopment is a key focus of our group, including

fundraising to make this happen.

Community news – Adaminaby Public School

In other Community news, Adaminaby Public School (APS) has a new Principal, Brooke

Findlow. We asked Brooke if she would like to include a few words about the school in our

newsletter. She says:

At Adaminaby Public School, public education is not just about imparting

knowledge; it's a journey of discovery and growth. With a positive outlook, we see

each student as a unique individual with boundless potential waiting to be unlocked.

Our classrooms are vibrant spaces where curiosity is nurtured and creativity is

celebrated. Every teacher is not just an instructor but a mentor, guiding students on

their path to success. We believe in fostering a supportive community where

collaboration thrives and every voice is valued. In Adaminaby Public School, we may

be small in size, but our ambitions are limitless, aiming to empower each student to

reach for the stars and realize their dreams through the power of education. If you

would like to be a part of our community, please reach out.

Adaminaby School is a key community stakeholder. The school utilises Adaminaby Pool for

a 10 day block of swimming lessons every year, and the pupils regularly swim after school

and on the weekends, making the pool a very important recreational amenity for them.

As well as advocating to improve the pool experience for young and old, we will be

advocating strongly for the Seymour Park redevelopment so that young people in Adaminaby

and surrounds also have an excellent recreational space available to them year round, and

particularly in the Winter months when the pool is shut.

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